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COVID19 Update

COVID Update for Lifespring Church:

We are asking anyone who is experiencing symptoms or has someone in their household who recently tested positive to enjoy LifeSpring live at 1045 on Facebook. Take full advantage of this time to continue to pray, spend time with the Lord, and thanks to technology; worship with us, give with us, grow with us, and even serve with us, all while staying home. 

 There are also several families who may not have covid or been directly exposed, choosing to do online only to stay extra safe. I want personally encourage each of you to continue doing what is best for your family and in the meantime still look for ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

This is an opportunity to get extra creative and stay involved from a distance. It is my prayer, that once you are comfortable gathering in person, that you would jump back in to the priority and routine of attending church and serving your community in person. 

If you are currently comfortable attending in person, we encourage you to wear a mask and stay socially distant. This season of covid has caused a great need for adjusting and being flexible. From professional sports teams, to the teams we offer at LifeSpring, some weeks are more shorthanded than others, and thats ok! God’s Word is still true and the church is still alive!

Please reach out to me anytime for prayers, encouragement, or just to talk! I love you all so much and continue to be humbled and honored to serve each of you. 

-Pastor Nate

828 638 3500 


-We ask that people follow the CDC guidelines in every way possible. Here are some the guidelines to consider:

-Eliminate contact with others (about 6 feet) while on the property, including the parking lot. Example: nodding, bowing, or waving instead of shaking hands, hugging, or kissing.

-Avoid holding hands during the service/prayers.

-Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use provided hand sanitizer.

-Use cloth face coverings. (LifeSpring will have masks available for those that want one but no one is required to wear them)

-Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow.

-If anyone has a fever DO NOT COME and enjoy LifeSpring Online 

-If you or your children are sick, symptomatic or a part of the high risk population (People 65 years and older; people with underlying medical conditions, particularly if not well controlled) do not attend, but continue to participate through LifeSpring Online Sunday’s at 4pm on our FB pg. and our YouTube channel .

-Please do not plan to arrive too early or stay too late.

-Phase 1 will continue at a minimum of 3 weeks barring any need to discontinue phase 1 and go back to online only.

-After at least 3 weeks leadership will evaluate continuing phase 1, entering phase 2, or going back to online only and cancelations.